COMING SOON! BirdReel Camera System


We are so excited to be bringing in the BirdReel live-stream camera bird feeder system. Up to now, none of the camera systems were quite up to our standards, but this one ticks all the boxes, having been designed by a fellow WBU store owner who is savvy to both bird feeding and technology. We love that, aside from optional pieces like the hummingbird perch or a mounting pole, the feeder comes with everything you need to get started (i.e., you don't have to buy a memory card, solar panels, wall mount, etc. separately, which is common with other brnads). It will fit perfectly on our WBU Advanced Pole System, meaning that critter proofing the feeder will be easy. The feeders should be in stock (in-store only) in a few weeks, just in time for the holidays. 🎁
We have a limited supply of units coming on the first shipment, plus optional hummer feeder attachments. If you want to be put on the list, you can stop by and prepay for one to have us hold yours, or without payment, you can simply ask to be added to our first come/first serve call list for remaining units. 🙂
$229.99 ea.

BirdReel Camera Feeder

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