Feeding Finches

goldfinch on flower· Goldfinches, house finches, chickadees and indigo buntings (spring-summer) are a few of the birds which will visit finch feeders. Goldfinches are in our area year round, but lose their yellow plumage in the winter months (see bottom image). 
· WBU Finch Mix (a combo of Nyjer & fine sunflower chips) is preferred by most Goldfinches over Nyjer (incorrectly nicknamed “thistle”) alone. Note that this “thistle” is not the same as our native thistle and will not sprout into a pest plant. 
goldfinches, female and male· Goldfinches are picky eaters so it is important to keep the seed fresh and dry. Shake the feeder periodically to check for clumps. A weather dome can keep rain and snow at bay. Uneaten seed should not stay in a feeder for more than two-three weeks. Transfer uneaten seed (as long as it is not moldy) to another feeder for less fussy birds. Purchase only as much seed as can be used in six-eight weeks, and store in an airtight container. As with all seed, avoid storage in a warm garage in summer to prevent rapid loss of freshness. (WBU gets a fresh shipment of finch food every week, so when you buy form us, you know you aren't purchasing seed that has been sitting in a warehouse getting stale.) 
· Feeders should be washed monthly. 
· It may take weeks or even months for birds to find a new feeder. Initially, filling the feeder only halfway can prevent waste if some seed must be thrown out before discovery. 
· As finches can be shy, position their feeders away from other feeders so they aren’t intimidated by all the activity. Unless needed to catch dropped seed, trays are not recommended on finch feeders, otherwise larger birds may dominate the feeders. 
· Finches feed at feeders year round, but people may notice a natural rise and fall in activity based on weather, habitat and natural food supplies. Watch for goldfinches hanging upside down to feed from seeding flowers and plants. During quiet times at the feeder, be sure to change seed regularly so the finches aren’t discourage by stale seed when activity resumes. 
· If House Sparrows are a nuisance, ask us for advice. 

goldfinches molting