Summer Bird Feeding


summer bird feeding

Why It's Wonderful to Feed Birds in the Summer

1. You get to see birds that aren't here in the wintertime, such as Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, Indigo Buntings, Orioles, Hummingbirds, and more.

cardinal family2. There is a saying - "Feed the birds in the winter; Feed their families in the summer" - and that couldn't be more true. Research at Milikin University has shown that birds with access to feeders had lower stress levels and raised more young than those without. Plus, it's simply adorable to watch daddy Cardinal bring the youngsters in to the feeders and teach them how to eat on their own. (In the photo at right, a juvenile cardinal - with the dark beak - joins its parents at my safflower feeder)

3. Few of us live in truly natural habitat and the feeders can help offset habitat destruction and lack of natural foods.

4. Birds do NOT become dependent on feeders. While birds certainly benefit from feeders, they are NOT dependent on them. This has long been disproven. Besides, while feeders are a benefit to birds, they are just one of many stops birds will make in their daily search for food.

5. Summer Travel - It's ok to feed birds, then then head off on vacation. Along the same lines as #4 above, some people are afraid to feed during the summer for fear that if they go on vacation, they will leave the birds in a quandry if the feeder runs empty. While we can help you provide foods (like our Bird Food Cylinders) that last longer than loose seed, perfect for while you re away, if feeders do run empty, the birds will just turn to other sources, so there is no reason to worry.