Springfield, Illinois

Wade Kammin, shop owner

Wade Kammin, shop owner

We’re passionate about birds and nature. That’s why we opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in our community.

Springfield, Illinois

1930 S. MacArthur Blvd.
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We are located with easy access from all parts of Springfield and surrounding areas. We are next to the Circle K on the east side of MacArthur Blvd, just north of Ash St. contact us by e-mail: wbu150@sbcglobal.net

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"What Birdseed Blends are Best for My Yard?"
- a review of the WBU blends

Backyards are not all the same, with different types of habitats affecting which types of birds live in them. For example, a house in the middle of an old stand of woods may see many species of woodpeckers, yet a house in a newly developed, treeless subdivision is not likely to see any woodpeckers at all, but may have plenty of goldfinches coming to visit. And then there are all those yards that fall somewhere in between. Using more than one blend can attract more species. Stop by and let us help you decide which blends are best for your yard.

seed quality differencesBefore showing the different blends, we'll point out a few things they all have in common:
•The blends we stock are all selected specifically for the birds in Illinois.
•We never use fillers such as milo, wheat, or oats. Birds don't care for these and kick them aside. (Many discount and hardware stores use these undesirable grains to bulk up their bags.)
•We keep it fresh. Two deliveries per week means we don't have seed sitting in a backroom for months.

No-Mess Blends - Our Most Popular and Your Best Value

 • Shells have been removed, so there will be no accumulation of debris below your feeders.
• Because you aren't paying for inedible shells, these blends are more economical to serve.

No Mess CC
(with cracked corn)

This version is designed for feeding birds at two levels: at elevated feeders and on the ground. This original No-Mess contains sunflower chips and peanut pieces, preferred by arboreal birds, and millet and cracked corn, enjoyed by ground feeding birds.

no mess
No Mess - Our Most Popular Version
(no corn)

Introduced at the request of customers who asked for a blend similar to the one above, but without the cracked corn, this version has quickly become the most popular of the three we carry. It has a higher percentage of sunflower chips and peanut pieces for attracting even more birds at the feeder level. It contains just enough millet to keep the ground feeding birds happy
, but a little less than in the above version. Ingredients are chopped small enough to flow through most feeders without clogging.
No Mess PLUS, a Nut and Fruit Blend

This version focuses on birds up at the feeder level, such as woodpeckers, nuthatches, and titmice. Sunflower chips are combined with a variety of different nuts, Bark Butter Bits, and dried fruit. Calcium is added to
robin support healthy bone development. Because there is no millet or cracked corn, you may find this version appeals to fewer sparrows than the version listed above. It is a "chunky" blend, so does best served on trays or in hopper-style feeders with good seed flow.
*When snow is on the ground, Robins can enjoy the fruit and Bark Butter Bits in this blend.
no mess plus

Our Traditional Blends

Choice PLUS, a Nut & Fruit Blend

Three types of sunflower, assorted nuts, Bark Butter Bits, and dried fruit will appeal to cardinals, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, Carolina
dinner bell with choice pluswrens, robins, mockingbirds, woodpeckers, and more. This blend also contains calcium.

*A "Top Pick" for Winter! When snow is on the ground, Robins can enjoy the fruit and Bark Butter Bits in this blend.

choice plus
Springfield Supreme, our "triple sunflower" blend

Bird lovers who serve only oil sunflower miss out by not offering all three types of sunflower. Sure, oil is popular, but titmice, woodpeckers, and jays prefer striped sunflower, while Carolina wrens and other birds who can't crack shells prefer the shell-free sunflower chips. Springfield Supreme combines all three sunflower varieties, plus we add a nice helping of Safflower, which is definitely a favorite with Cardinals, house finches, and doves.
tube with tray cardinal(If we had to pick a single best blend for Cardinals, it would be Springfield Supreme. With their thick, vice-like beaks, Cardinals are one of the few birds who seem to prefer to do the seed shelling themselves, making this blend ideal for them.)

Springfield Supreme is perfect for serving on open tray feeders, which cardinals prefer, or in almost any style of tube or hopper feeder.


This is a blend that ideally will be served on a open tray feeder or sprinkled directly on the ground. Containing a generous amount of white millet, intended to attract many species of sparrows (including our native "good" sparrows), juncos, doves, and towhees, all of whom prefer ground feeding or open tray feeding. Oil sunflower, striped sunflower, and safflower round out the blend, making it all-purpose enough to attract cardinals, chickadees, jays, and more when used in elevated tray or hopper style feeders.

Deluxe is a perfect complement to Choice PLUS or Springfield Supreme blends since the blends cater to different feeding preferences.
Finch Mix

Combining two finch favorites, nyjer and chopped sunflower chips, Finch Mix can often attract more finches than nyjer seed used alone. Sunflower chips are 24% higher in fat calories than nyjer, and calories provide energy to birds, making sunflower chips a real boost during harsh weather. The chips in the mix are chopped finely enough to fit through most types of finch feeders.
finch mix

squirrel lunch boxAlso referred to as squirrel mix or critter mix, Wildlife Mix has all the peanuts, sunflower seeds, and corn your favorite furry friends will love. Serve in an open tray or in the all-metal "lunch box" shown here. (Squirrels can lift the lid to serve themselves, but the feeder keeps blackbirds out. Made right here in Illinois.)
Wildlife Blend also works well for attracting jays and woodpeckers.

wildlife blend

Safflower is a great problem solver. Most squirrels and blackbirds just don't care for the taste and will ignore a feeder when the seed NoGrackle_4c (RGB, 72 DPI, 300x286)is used alone (it will not deter pests if mixed with other seeds). Use safflower in one feeder to attract cardinals, who love it, and one of the blends above in squirrel-proof feeders to get the widest variety of birds.

Have fun trying the different blends and seeing what birds you can attract. You may use some blends year round, while others may fill a niche during certain seasons. Stop by and we can help you decide on the best blends for your unique backyard.